Prepping in to The Mad Lands: The Map
How I built the Mad Lands West Marches
Big Bad Con 2019
How I survived the Big Bad Wolf!
Do you know the way to RinCon?
My RinCon prep plan. This time next week I’ll be flying out to Phoenix, AZ and driving into Tucson with Paul Beakley of IGRC and his local crew for RinCon. This year's theme is the Wild West.
GKC RPG Day #16
Games are happening!
Chapter Two: The Raven Idol.
In this VERY short actual play podcast, Priest returns to Westhold with a strange raven idol.
The eXorcists
The relationship the X-Men have with Limbo and Belasco has always fascinated me. In my AW-Hack, the eXorcists, Limbo has been without a ruler since Magick, Colossus's little sister, left. It's been a brutal series of coups that have spilled over to Earth. It's up to the eXorcists: Magick, Sunspot, Old Man Creed, Mystique, Domino, and Cloak to settle things in Limbo.
The many tasks of Priest, cleric of the deity of Ahrepo
Chapter One: The first task of Priest.
The Mad Lands Plan
Building the sandbox for Into the Mad Lands

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