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Some humans have suddenly begun manifesting superpowers, being Lifted.

The world reacts defensively and aggressively. What will you do?

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Jahmal ‘Mad Jay’ Brown

Freelancer writing, gaming and codeslinging. Coffee and Scotch consumer.

Mad Jay is the host of the Diceology podcast, Professional GM at and freelance writer with credits including PRIME Supers for Cortex Prime, Pathfinder’s Mwangi Expanse and his own By Acer’s Light for Burning Wheel and Dungeon World. He likes games and stories about outsiders and underdogs. Jay games with his kids and loves his momma but she doesn’t game yet.


The Dream Hustle

Welcome to my dream-hustle! I’m a TTRPG advocate and freelance game writer. Author of The Clockwinders A Fate World of Adventure, Cortex Prime Supers and By Aecer’s Light. I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing folks in the RPG hobby, from trad games like Paizo’s Pathfinder to Indie game gems like Trophy Dark. I’m a GM-for-hire I run ‘Into the Mad Lands’, a West Marches D&D game using Forbidden Lands RPG and B/X D&D. With your support this becomes a space where I share my works in progress, we’ll playtest stuff, share new gameable ideas, and help make these and many other projects get to the light of a release day! And we game! Support the Hustle

Currently Playing on Twitch/ActualPlay

Nibiru: Tales from Penumbra

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