Big Bad Con 2019
News Big Bad Con 2019
By MadJay 17 October 2019

There’s a great, not-so-little-anymore, con in Walnut creek, CA that’s a favorite con for me, Big Bad Con.

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Origins 2019
News Origins 2019
By MadJay 17 June 2019

So I’ve got one of those can’t talk about experiences. It won’t be too hard to figure out the whats.

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By Acer’s Light - the Kickstarter
News By Acer’s Light - the Kickstarter
By MadJay 25 March 2019

Last days of the Kickstarter, By Acer’s Light We are funded and pushing toward the last $250 for the Dungeon World stretch goal written by the fantastic Johnstone Metzger.

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