By Acer's Light - the Kickstarter


Last days of the Kickstarter, By Acer’s Light We are funded and pushing toward the last $250 for the Dungeon World stretch goal written by the fantastic Johnstone Metzger.

By Aecer’s Light is a fantasy setting featuring the Roden.

The zine is a 18 - 24 page, black and white, 6 x 9 saddle stitched booklet. Artwork mystically rendered by the incredibly awesome Kurt Komoda and the layout magics cast by the multi-talented Nathan D. Paoletta.

The zine will provide play for a campaign-starter or one-shot (easy con run) focusing on the Roden after the time of elves. Roden are the rat-folk of Burning Wheel fame. They are covered in fur with a long tail –the likeness of Aecer, herself. There are sections covering the last elf and the uneasy relations with their Wolfen neighbors. The Wolfen are a new monster. They are a savage, superstitious folk brought to these lands during the war of Elves and abandoned after the songs of peace.

Then there are the desperate men from the south who truck with a devil…

Included are:

  • 6 pre-gen Roden characters. Just add names and beliefs. Suggestions or beliefs included.
  • Stats for Wolfen, Men and the last Elf and the devil of men.
  • A regional map, drawn from the Roden perspective
  • Advice about writing beliefs for the setting and playing other stocks in the setting.
  • The printed map in the Initiates Reward tier is laminated 11x17, 100# matte white cover stock. Hand-drawn and painted by Roden initiates from the original land scroll of Aecer.

By Acer’s Light