GKC RPG Day #16


This Sat we had a special guest Sangjun run his game MoonFlower. He’s made to trip from Korea to visit his folks in town and made time to come throw dice with us on Sat. I got to speak with him about his trip, and games and game spaces. Hopefully I’ll get him on the podcast before he heads back home. Look for him at Big Bad Con in Oct!

I ran Apocalypse World: Burned-over with a Borderlands setting. I’ll have an AP very soon for this session. It went pretty smooth, the veteran players were super into their playbooks. No ‘Go Aggro’ arguments. The new playbooks are pretty hot! My session had the Weaponized, the Undaunted and the Volatile in play. They were up against the Agents of Dahl, Corp soldiers searching the Hard Zone for a SWORD vault. Swords are a Game Changer mechanic in AW:B-O. In this session it was a MacGuffin, we get to see it at the end, but it never gets used. We used the Fallen city Hard Zone from the book. I worked a bit to touch every basic move. Combat was straight forward, smooth - and nuanced when you start adding multiple folks with different agendas to the fray. You should try it out. So much request and love for this match up, I’ll run a deeper cut of this mash up at RinCon in Oct.

Starcrossed, the Black Hack, CAMELOT Trigger(Fate) and Earth dawn were other games that were played. I got in a game of For the Queen, my third experience and a third amazing story at completion of the game.

December will be our last game day of the year. I always call it the Winter Court. I give out thank you gifts to GMs that ran games all year for us. Tabletop Game & Hobby co-sponsors these gifts. We go a little big on the lunch offering for the GMs. My “carrot” has been if you run an open table for me, I’ll buy you lunch that day. The most popular options have been pizza from D’Bronx or BBQ from the world class Jack Stack BBQ.

That’s means we’re coming up on the end of 4 years of game days. I’m not sure what to think about that. I started it after meeting/gathering with the usual suspects talking about implementing diversity in game spaces/events. Mark Diaz Truman made the argument that it starts with what we’re doing in our home communities. At the time I wasn’t doing anything. Today GKC RPG Day is wrapping up 4 years and we’re about to add a Kids Game day for young folks, say 9ish+ on up.b There’s a big demand here for a thing -we’ll see if I can get folks to come run games.

Here’s to four more years of just good home cooked games. Big thanks to my right hand man, Jeremiah Frye. He helps the organizing effort —many hands and all that. I also have a great relationship with Tabletop Game and Hobby store where we run games. The staff there are always great about scheduling and supporting the GMs running games by discounting materials, lunch, drinks for the GMs running open tables. Certainly, my appreciation for all the GMs over the years who ran games for me. I could not have done this without you. For Realz.