GM Prep: Masks 02


GM Prep: When Arcness falls.

I am planning out hooks for players for this next session and I want to bring Arcness into play from the origin. To make her real. We know her abilities are focused around technology - maybe the nova could be a mighty fine power source! I also want to know what the characters families, homelife are like. It’s the summer break - my mom and dad still worked, there were other siblings. So with that in mind here are my scenes for Weds night. Spoilers abound if you’re playing in this game.

The return of the Mack Arcness

Simon (The Nova) has the day off. Folks have presumably left for work. He’ll get a visit from Arcness looking to capture him to use as a battery! I’m hoping for some real house destruction -especially if his folks aren’t aware of his abilities! I’ll probably open with this scene and cut away and return to it from the Hook scenes. We’ll see if the other characters can get in to help.

Hook: Danger vs Savior. ( Lightening Lass And Knight Claw)

Fei Lin gets a visit from his grandfather, Knight Claw(Savior), in the HQ where Fei Lin stashed the blue girl. Knight Claw already knows about it, and the killings. The scene is about pressing home the importance of not being a menace, a danger. Knight Claw also refers Fei Lin to the Exarch*. This should be a quick scene. Lightening Lass will harp on Fei Lin being a danger, his careless murder of those redcaps is evidence. _[ *F.K.A The Stranger in TBCH #1. I ain’t scared a no retcon! -MJ ]_

Hook: Danger vs Mundane ( The Wilsons and Elaine the Tribal Elder )

Jax gets called into work early. His ID is public and the Wilson’s saw him in the battle vs the redcaps and the Fomorian. They’re firing him. He’s a danger to their customers and they have enough problems.

Hook: Freak vs Superior ( Exarch and Aza Toth?)

And Twilight… not real sure what to do with this character yet. Presumably he’ll want in on the visit with the Exarch. The Exarch whose building he and Jax tagged. The Exarch knows and she won’t be eager to help Twilight, she’s not impressed by the doomed …another snowflake freak. Maybe a vision or dream from Aza Toth? In fact I’m thinking of running a scene along side Simon’s where they’re both battling villains, only Twilight it straight killin’ it because it’s a dream! Aza Toth appears as the dream fades praising how special Twilight is.

Last Panel

Back at the HQ (provided by Knight Claw) the glass coffin is open and empty!