GM Prep: Masks 03


GM Prep: Aftermath

So last game’s hooks all got executed except for Simon. I need to setup a hook for him. We know he’s an only kid and his parents know about his abilities.

Right now, the Breakfast Club Heroes have the task of bringing in the Fomorian to the Exarch. They are also now missing the blue girl from the glass box. I think whenever they go see the Fomorian/Peter, he will be having an argument with 3 other kids.

  • A skinny, tall Sudanese girl jumping rope.
  • A bald, blind kid with a dog.
  • A kid in a Davy Crockett hat

They get defensive when the heroes appear. They were in the middle of “recruiting” Peter to be on their team. They are the Five from Hoboken but they can’t be five if Peter doesn’t join up. They’re a mix of soon to be 9th and 10th graders. I hope this turns into a fight!

Where did the blue girl go…

So her name is Kee. The raiders of Muspelheim know that Kee is on Midgard, in fact Kee’s mom, a high minister, is overseeing her daughter’s “rescue”. I don’t know anymore yet. I will be playing to find out. The stinky part is the BCH’s HQ has camera’s established in the fiction. Somebody’s gonna look! Maybe I can defer it to the ‘Assess the Situation’ move?

Opening scene:

Lightning Lass in a council session with the Breakfast Club Heroes. It seems like she’s phoning in this reprimand and lecture about collateral damage. She makes a reference about the Wonder Twins and their current de-powered state to the PCs and ends with “after all you’re just like regular kids too!” pushing to influence more mundane behavior and less freak(?). In fact that’s her jam! I’ll make a custom move for it.

Last panel:

A darkly colored, owl themed costumed figure stands over a scene of carnage in a room full of tech and computers. Three costumed figures sprawled out and bloodied at the owl-figure’s feet. Tatters of costume fall from it’s talons.

Thought bubble: …Too many metahumans.