How Jay Does... The Mandalorian


My kid and I gorged on Disney+ season one of the Mandalorian and are found wanting! Having already introduced the young lad to RPGs via B/X sessions he asked if we could play Star Wars and he wants to be a Mandalorian.

Indubitably! But what to use?? Right out the gate, you got Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire, WEGs D6 Star Wars. You could Go with Scum & Villainy and a fictional reskin. I did this with a Chasing Solo scenario I ran at my local game day. The players were bounty hunter tasked to bring in the wily Han Solo and his pet rug. You could easily spool up Fate or Cortex Prime to do the job. I even saw on the interwebs someone talked about using Dogs in the Vinyard!! No wrong answers.

So, what are we trying to do? Let’s start there. I want to introduce Max (12 y/o) to a new RPG system. He wants to deep dive into Moffs, hunting droids, Mandalorian lore. Currently, we play from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I want to open that up to 60-90 minutes. He’s a voracious reader…of things he’s interested in. He consumed 2 books of history and lore on the Tau from Warhammer 40K for our Kill Team games. I want to explore/deconstruct running sessions for 1-2 players. Mad Jay’s The Mandalorian RPG would be for 1 GM and 1 player, with optional rules for a second, guest star player.

I’m going with Edge of the Empire. This lets me hand over books for him to pour through and, being 12, branding is a thing. EotE has custom funky dice that do a pretty neat narrative thing. So he’ll get exposed to that mechanic coming off of Traveller and B/X D&D. I’ll have zero hacking to do here, that’s good if this becomes a bust. Besides the core rulebook. I’m using No Disintegrations the Bounty Hunter’s book, and Lords of Nal Hutta, the Hutt space book. He chose to do work for ISB/Imperials instead of the bounty hunters guild and he’s “currently” hunting a droid. He picked the operator specialty of Bounty Hunters, he’s got a ship and the very base set of Mandalorian armor. not bespin. These all roll into his obligations. He’s got an older, retired Mandalorian mentor.

Session one I want to get him familiar with the dice, we’ll start in the middle of hunting a technician that went AWOL. I want to ask questions about his mentor, who he thinks he gets his jobs from with the Empire gone, what’s important about this droid he’s got a bounty for? Is there an enclave of Mandalorians? Where are they? Where is he from? As the session unfolds I’ll pose these questions as opportunities present themselves.

Future sessions I’ll prep about three questions I’m curious about and present them as we play. I’d LOVE to tie this Q&A piece to some mechanics that have teeth…maybe after a few sessions some thoughts will come to mind.

That’s how I’ll do The Mandalorian. I’ll post our sessions on the Diceology’s 2Eleven Podcast and my game prep on my Patreon.

This is the way