On the Table: Masks 01


The Breakfast Club Heroes vs The Fomorian

I figured we’d spend half the session generating characters and setting, but I still wanted to get a good hands-on-mechanics time in for everyone. I’m already looking at arcs, my first will be destruction. So, I’m thinking about laying the foundation that direction and will frame the first scene at Ren Faire on the golf course where the players work. I like the feel of a Clarke-tech Asgard where things went down differently…instead of Asgard being the primary realm, I’m thinking it’s Muspelheim. I’ll drop some Redcaps in battle-armor and a fire giant in on the ren faire and see where it goes. The fire giant is a Fomorian giant and it’s drive is to find and bring back the key hidden away there. ;-)

After character generation our heroes are dubbed The Breakfast Club Heroes

Simon (The Nova) Hasn’t found a hero name yet. Elemental based powers. Responsible for burning Paul Michaels of the football team during the battle with Arcness.

Twilight (The Doomed) Mentalist and living fragment of the dimensional entity Aza Toth. One day Aza Toth will come to reclaim this fragment. Twillight searches for the Stranger to help fight off Aza Toth.

Jax (The Delinquent) Illusion and power negation based powers. Wanna be rebel, turning out to be the sound of reason on the team.

Fei Lin aka Whiteblade (The Protege) Grandson of the famous Knight Claw. Mystical martial artist.

The Breakfast Club Heroes first came together during a Saturday detention at school. The tech villain, Arcness, was on the run from Halcyon’s finest and hid out at the highschool. The ensuing battle totally damaged the gym, most the football team and put Peter Michaels in a wheelchair. These new “heroes” were assigned to Lightening Lass to oversee since they broke her rules in her district.

So, at this point I’ve got some established NPCs to work with. Wheelchair bound Peter is the Fomorian. He’s able to change into this fire giant. Able to toss around heavy objects and duplicate himself. The redcaps?! It’;s a mystery, they’ll run interference for the Fomorian.

Today, Simon, Steven, Jax, and Fei all work at the Dunes golf club and course…and Ren Faire the last three weeks of summer.  The Wilson’s are struggling to keep the course open and in the black, the faire is a solid income source. It’s a busy Saturday when small crowds of folks run, panicking from the greens to the parking lot. A band of small sized soldiers are firing energy based weapons at people and Whiteblade gets ambushed by three of them. [Missed Assess the Situation] In the distant south parts of the property the Fomorian, also dressed for Ren Faire, makes his way into the wooded, former but now sold back nine of the Dunes. Jax uses his powers to attract the Fomorian’s attention, confused by illusion the giant makes his way back toward the heroes. [Unleash powers partial hit] Simon the nova charges up [fails his Burn move] The team is all present and Whiteblade announces the plan to protect the ren faire attendees, the team pool gets assembled! They pass all the checks, after some friction on unified purpose, but they are ill prepared and lose one team chip from the pool. The heroes get battered a bit from some tough misses on moves. Whiteblade kills 3 redcaps unintentionally. Jax recognizes Peter as the Fomorian, it’s all in the face. [Pierce the Veil hit!] and wants the tem to stand down on their attacks on the Fomorian, who has not threatened one citizen.

Peter explains he and his brother had a bet. Peter says their real parents are in one of the other nine worlds and that there is a key hidden under the Champions Statue in the old abandoned woods of the golf course. If there was no key, Peter would win his brother’s PS4 and games! So he went off to break open the statues to see. Simon suggests he just moves the statue without having to damage it. uses burn points When the statue is moved they find a glass coffin with a rather tall, blue skinned girl in it…seemingly asleep. “Tough luck Paul” Jax remarks! And that’s the last panel of issue #1