Origins 2019

So I’ve got one of those can’t talk about experiences. It won’t be too hard to figure out the whats. I played a new game Mark Diaz Truman is working on and enjoyed the experience. From a PBTA-like character setup to playing in the rich, evocative setting. Wish I could say more.

Out the gate I played a fantastic game of Urban Shadows ran by Katherine F. of Magpie games. I played a Vamp and got shot three times! I run this game a lot, but played it rarely. It was good to be behind a playbook. And Katherine runs a mean, ruff game!

I ran Apocalypse World for a table of four. Mission to Mars was the subtitle but they never make it to Mars! You play survivors of a spaceship bound for Mars on a land claim mission for AGT (Amazon-Google-Tesla). Things went awry and they crashed on some unknown planet below the solar systems elliptical plane. It’s been months, possibly a year since the crash and the camp is one of an unknown number of survivor camps scattered across the surface of this strange forbidden planet.

I ran two sessions of this including one with my brother! I’ll do a proper AP in another post. This was my small scale testing of my Mars West Marches idea. I wanted to know are there things to do in this kind of setting. What might these stories look like? I choose Apocalypse World because it’s a proven system and handles one-shot con tables with ease. In two sessions I learned in this setting you can:

  • reestablish contact with earth
  • trade with other survivor camps
  • stop a hostile camp from taking over your resources
  • discover and fight an alien infection
  • open your mind to alien entities
  • interact with the segmented AI of the ship
  • be a synthetic life-form that provides medical support
  • fight over who is in control

I fulfilled a KickStarter goal and ran a 6+ hour session of Burning Wheel: By Aecer’s Light. The Roden nest discovered the dark origins of the Last elf and they recovered a lamp of Aecer! This was an incredible session with folks that are veterans of the Burning Wheel game. They kicked the whole thing off with a Duel of Wits not 15 minutes into play.

I got to play Rich Roger’s Hutt Cartel - soooooo much fun! It’s a hack of Magpie’s Cartel game, reskinned for Star Wars. Specifically the Hutt crime scene with heavy Black Sun presence. I played a Droid a KX-series Drug lord the Narco playbook Another player selected the Spouse playbook so my droid had a wife and kid! Loved, loved this hack! If you’re squeamish about playing Cartel drugs, Mexicans, plazas hit Rich up about his Hutt Cartel hack. It’ll go down easier.

Games on Demand, where I played and ran and lived, was pretty fantastic this year. Evan Torner keep on rocking it out, man! There were a ton of games and variety including a couple sessions of Steal Away Jordan. Looking forward to returning next year.