State of the Holiday Hustle 2020


D&D in RVs

Holidays usually wrecks my gaming schedule. This year was a very weird holiday time. We’re a camping family…when I say we…it’s prolly me and everyone else humors me! I rented an RV. My kid is in virtual schooling so we took a road trip from Kansas City to randomly determined Amarillo, TX. The original destination was Roswell, NM, but we learned some things about RV life along the way. It was a nice downtime activity, one I would do again. In fact, the next letter of the Fearless Gaming Dictionary “D is for Downtime” was inspired by this trip.

Holiday Reads

While I was out backing the new Urban Shadows 2ed on Kickstarter I ran across Fragged Cyberpunk | tabletop RPG by Wade Dyer and backed that too! I feel like as a genre, cyberpunk is all nostalgia now. That we’re past that in current time. I don’t know what the ‘Neo Cyberpunk’ looks like but I’m a fan of different takes on old cyberpunk.

I’m also reading/playing Before the Rebellion | Vincent Baker on Patreon Vincent Baker’s take on using Dogs in the Vineyard for Star Wars. I dig it. I’ve played a couple of sessions already. While you’re there checkout Tovey Baker’s Objective:Survive

I also picked up Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden with thoughts to run a series in B/X D&D or Burning Wheel. Icewind Dale is another ‘feels’ product for me, I’m interested in what the Dales look like ‘now’.

Reindeer Games

I’m running a new Champions Now game Young WildKats set in Chino, CA where things are LARGER than life. I’m hoping to extract our sessions into a replay, so I’m exploring the work involved there.

On Jan 7th I take the brand new Role App + Mothership RPG out for a spin on Twitch/Actual Play. I hear some fantastic things about Mothership RPG. The Role App is promising. I’ve been making templates for both Champions Now and Mothership. I haven’t used Role for Realz yet. I’m failing at getting into a Traveller game I joined - those holiday plans just keep wrecking it! I am, however, playing a Tiefling Wizard in Eberron D&D 5E, he’s tracking down an inheritance he has but doesn’t understand yet what it is. That D&D Beyond + Roll20 integration… 👨🏽‍🍳 😘 I’m also planning to get some Twillight 2K RPG sessions going with you, my patrons in the new year.

Works in the machine

I hear Kickstarter is doing ZineQuest 3 in Feb 2021. I’ve been noodling with a thing I’ve been calling ‘Free Mars’. It’s got a futuristic, government free Mars, an ancient crash site, a cold war with a machine state, humanity’s great filter, and it’s got PBTA & BITD inside. Plus a couple can’t mention yet works in progress! 👍🏾

Happy New Year! – Mad Jay 🎅🏽

A new 2020 habit

A new 2020 habit