The many tasks of Priest, cleric of the deity of Ahrepo


My kid and I have started playing a series of BX games. He made a 3rd level cleric rolled some stats [13,9,15,8,17,6] I gave him options he choose HARDCORE. Roll in order, can only move points to prime requisite stat (2:1) which he choose not to do. He decided his neutral alignment cleric follows the god of Arepo. A fan-fic piece he found on the internet.

“Tell me, what sort of god are you anyway?”

“I’m of the fallen leaves,” it said. “The worms that churn beneath the earth. The boundary of forest and of field. The first hint of frost before the first snow falls. The skin of an apple as it yields beneath your teeth. I’m a god of a dozen different nothings, scraps that lead to rot, momentary glimpses. A change in the air, and then it’s gone.”

So, making it our own, Priest, the character’s name, is a 3rd level cleric of the deity of Ahrepo. Godling of small beginnings.Priest has arrived in Westhold, the godling asked him to restore a forgotten shrine north from Westhold. Priest and elven archer retainer, Cynthia, head out to do the task of the deity of Ahrepo. It is sunset when they arrive at the woods that the shrine is in. They can hear harsh voices near the shrine and can see a campfire. Priest invokes a detect magic rite and becomes aware of a faint enchantment near the shrine. The Elf urges Priest to act quickly and strike! Priest approaches the camp and calls out. He asks if they too, are followers of the deity of Ahrepo and have come to help restore the shrine. Now that the pair are closer they can see two gnolls and a man. The man runs while the gnolls grab up weapons. I talk Max through my no initiative, simultaneous combat schedule:

  • Free & Clear & Morale.
  • Movement & Missiles.
  • Melee & Magic.
  • Remaining missile volleys.
  • Resolve damage rolls.

We talk about what everyone is going to do. He decides Priest and Cynthia will shoot missiles at the gnolls. The gnolls will run to them. Movement or Missiles actions are resolved. Cynthia hits a gnoll, both gnolls charge but don’t quite reach them. One gnoll takes damage. Next round, the gnolls close to melee. Priest and Cynthia fire probably their last shots as they brace for the melee attacks. Priest scrambles away from a gnoll’s assault, Cynthia gets smacked. End of the round Cynthia takes damage. Third Round the gnoll’s morale breaks. They will abandon this fight. Priest and Cynthia will launch missiles but not pursue.

With the gnolls chased off, Priest takes a look at the shrine. It looks like the gnolls were camped out here and there is no sign of the man that was here earlier. The pair then search the shrine closer. They find buried under a small rock pile a sack of silver coins, and a sack of carved wooden figures. Idols, three of which belong to the deity of Ahrepo. Priests asks the deity of Ahrepo about the raven carved idol. I ask him to roll 2d6 and add his wisdom modifier. He gets an 8.

“Ah, the raven and owl are symbols of Nocturnae. She’s a young deity. Of the hunt, of taking what you want and of dance.”

Priest tucks these treasures away. He and the elf then clean and offer gifts and prayer to the deity of Ahrepo. This restores the shrine. We do some bookkeeping. I ask what does he want to do next session. He plans to get information in Westhold about where these idols come from so he can put them back. I also ask what does an idol of the deity of Ahrepo look like? He thinks for sometime then he says there are three different idols showing small beginnings… like a leaf idol, and then a worm idol, and maybe one of a raindrop.

I’m mad that I didn’t realize the blinking red light on my Zoom meant it was paused. I got none of this recorded for my 2Eleven podcast.