Mad Jay's Online Roleplaying Tech Stack


There are plenty of options to run your roleplaying sessions online. You’ll run across free options and some paid options. Some live-stream friendly and others are down right hostile. Going in knowing what you want to do, ie; live streaming vs just playing with friends in private, along with how much effort you want to put into setting up sessions will help you narrow down options. Here’s how I do it. Maybe it’ll help you find your method. YMMV.

Right now I’m running The Spire RPG for 3 players, B/X D&D,[ Forbidden Lands ]( 40+ players, Champions Now and Liminal online for 4 players. I have run games like Tenra Bansho Zero to Urban Shadows also.

I like using images, maps, and face claims in my games. I like crunchy games and theatre of the mind combat, or combat with abstract area and movement mechanics akin to Fate RPG, or Edge of the Empire RPG.

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For getting players together and communicating I use Streamyard, and Zoom is my backup plan — it could easily go the other way. I want a solid, reliable video/audio experience first. Both these options have free plans. I pay for Streamyard. My two options also set up nicely for streaming sessions or just saving them off someplace for extracting audio for podcasting.

Next, the play space I use is RollForYourParty for every game I can. It’s web-based dice roller with cards, tokens and the ability to load in images and a background. You can drag-and-drop everything. It’s ugly. It’s free. It has never failed or fought me. It gets out of the way of playing.

I put together a background image in Photoshop, sometimes it includes some reference notes. Players can load up face claims or whatever.

Liminal using

I use Roll20 for my Forbidden Lands RPG games. I have 40+ players in that shared world game. The interactive character sheets and dice promises good things. Sadly for me the game experience is rough and I don’t care about many of the map based features, and I don’t care for the effort of setup. There’s a lot of ‘fiddling’ with the app vs playing the game — for me. Did I mention I’m a cranky veteran? Roll20 does A LOT. You might have a better experience out of it. Many groups do. I’m cranky and I know what I want.

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For character sheets, player handouts and one-sheets I use Google Docs. I just started getting into using Trello to organize my GM prep. For my 40+ player Mad Lands game it has become indispensable. If I could get a dice roller in that app it could EASILY be my new play space.

Trello and my Into The Mad Lands prep.

I’m trying to run a great roleplaying game session. I’m not happy with the software available thus far. I’m still searching for the Holy Grail of setups. Until then I like to keep it simple, easy, low impact. Close to the tools I use at a table.

Play games — fearlessly!