What's With Patreon?


Yes, I have a patreon. I got here this year a few ways. My work on Clockwinders, Cortex Supers and my kickstarter ‘By Aecer’s Light’ made me realize I need not wait for someday to keep create game works. I could work my dream-hustle, especially if it could generate resouces so I could spend real time on it.

Jason Cordova and The Gauntlet and Nathan Paoletta are big inspirations for me. They are making Patreon work for them. I’m taking the plunge. I’ve been sitting on a handful of someday-maybe projects. Metahumans is my crunchy supers game. I love Marvel Heroic and Masks RPG is fun. I want something between those games and old school Champions. I love a crunchy supers game. Tron: Uprising and the Tron films scream out for an RPG. I’ve got 0x63 ways I’d like to make that game. I’ve been wanting to do a podcast about gamers, a kinda NPR Story Corp-ish and great scott –RPG Note. I’ve got 800+ folks in Mail Chimp asking about it.

So yeah. I set up a Patreon and we’ll play to find out.