West Marches

The Red Mist has been part of life since before you were born. And now it is no more. It seems you are not alone in your fool-hardiness to leave the safe protected gates of your village. Other reckless folks have also traveled out west.

West to the furthest most point remembered. A ruined stronghold, it’s name long forgotten, carved into the mountainside by giants. At the base of the ancient fortress is a new and growing settlement. The folks there call the place Westhold. The westernmost known civilized place in the Ravenlands.

West Marches Principles

  • Players schedule sessions. I’ll post up my open slots.
  • There is no regular party. The pool of players will be from my backers on Patreon.
  • There is no plot. No quest givers. Just hostile, player-eating environments.
  • Players are highly encourage to share character and game session information and updates to the shared map. No intentional falsehoods.

The Raven Lands starter zine has all the details for season 1 play.

Enter the Raven Lands

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