West marches

Enter the Raven Lands

By MadJay 10 July 2019
Enter the Raven Lands

Welcome to the Raven Lands

Westhold…yeah it’s the place they send misbehaved kids. Way out on the edge of the creation. Raven only knows what’s out there, and they ain’t tellin’. One scarred feller came through here once from out there. Dropped off a wagon of silver to old lady Ross, ain’t never been back.

The Westhold outpost is a few months old. No official ruler. The excellent chef Ina of the Gardens, known for her delicious sweet breads, makes her home here at Westhold. The shanty town is built just out from a castle carved into the side of a mountain, by giants it is said.

The Last trading post is ran by the Deluth families. It supplies the foolhardy “explorers”. The Third Lamb is a small inn with a long communal table that has the Flying Dwarf map on display. Known for it’s salted river fish and occasional visit from the scarred treasure hunter, Hule.

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