West marches

Raven Lands Expedition 1

By MadJay 15 July 2019
Raven Lands Expedition 1

Tower of the demon Bear

Boone, a hunter elf and Nan’Thaq the orc fighter. Both outcasts from their peoples set out from the small town of Westhold to explore the Flying Dwarf map. Boone leads the duo the hard way, hitting rough terrain and wasps nests until they reach the river where they see the boulder marker they came to inspect from the dwarf map. They run into a group of orcs capturing another orc. Nan’Thaq recognizes them as Roka Orcs, his clan. A tense exchange reveals the Roka clan are rounding up unaligned Orcs, and Nan’Thaq can be expected to be next on that list because Westhold is not a clan. Boone and Nan’Thaq continue south along the river to the ruins of a tower keep. It is evening and it gets dark early in the autumn so they camp for the night and trade watch duties. They catch orcs scouting in the night, possibly looking for Nan’Thaq. They get an early start exploring the ruins. It appears to be the nesting lair of some wild beast on the lower levels that has left carcasses behind. Up on the frail and open third floor is a large nest…most likely the harpies that are running sorties on Westhold. Then a horrid, massive grey bear returns! The pair narrowly defeat the demonic creature and get back to Westhold with their small treasure!

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